Finding “the one” and sustaining a healthy relationship is a major part of most people’s life experience.

A supportive family in childhood in which a person is loved and not traumatized is the cornerstone to developing a healthy relationship. It is through our early experiences that we learn how to give and receive love. Unfortunately too many people are not raised in loving environments, do not have good role models, and many are physically and psychologically abused. A man or woman who comes from an unhealthy home will often unconsciously seek to repeat the experience through their partner, either to repair the childhood relationship with a parent or because they seek the familiar not recognizing their participation in the creation of another bad relationship.

Sometimes the childhood psychological wounds are such that a person feels incapable of finding a partner or unworthy of love. Sometimes a person gets into a relationship but soon after finds it unraveling and flees, fights, or becomes resigned to having a dull and unrewarding partnership or learns to numb negative feelings through alcohol or recreational drugs. There are also adults who, because of unhealthy childhood experiences, are terrified of conflict and go out of their way not to do or say anything that will cause their partner to get irritated let alone angry.

I offer coaching and support to individuals who have become victims in their own environment through bullying, harassment, controlling behavior, and withdrawal of love. It is possible for you to learn how to ask for and get what they need, how to confront gently or more assertively, effect change rather than resistance, take responsibility for living each day feeling fully alive.

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