For The Individual

We are no longer willing to live in dead relationships or accept that there is no one for us in the world.

If you just don’t seem to be able to find your “soul mate” I can help you. I’ve coached many people on how to meet that special person and knowing what to do after you say, “Hello.” Or you might be unhappy in a relationship and not know why or what to do about it. Staying in a bad relationship can be is a symptom of a larger, more pervasive problem such as lack of a sense of self or an inability to take yourself seriously or you might be afraid of conflict (this is especially true of people who were raised in abusive homes) which keeps you locked into undesirable roles or relationships. You might have a hard time believing you deserve to get your needs and desires met, instead living chameleon like, changing to adapt to situations or other people’s needs. You could suffer from severe low self-esteem, fear of abandonment, and other deeper core issues stemming from childhood if you were not properly parented, or you were abused, or neglected.

I can help you learn how to communicate effectively, how to get mad and not be toxic, how to recognize when your partner’s crystal ball is off, to identify and get your needs met in a relationship or work situation, to problem solve situations that normally leave you feeling frustrated and alone such as, “Why does he/she disappear after work or during the day or why does he/she treat her friends better than me or he/she cheated on me but I don’t want to break up so what do I do next?” I can coach you as you find and keep a meaningful significant relationship.

Would you like to learn to stay focused and organized, to maximize career success? Choose what you want to do and then do it well. Don’t just go to work. Go a job or enter into a career you like and be successful at what you do.

If you have had a recent loss you might need just a few sessions to talk and heal. Also, I’ve worked with veterans with PTSD. Veterans are not the only people who have PTSD. If you have experienced anything that would be considered outside the parameters of normal lifetime experiences, such as rape, a car accident, losing a loved one to war, being home from war, being sexually molested or other traumatic events, you might be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

For any of the above or if you want to maximize your awareness, develop who you are and your unique potential, experience the life you imagine but cannot quite realize, I offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly coaching, and support.

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