About You Part 1

There’s much talk, some action and much inaction when it comes to professing self-love, doing yoga and drinking green tea, having best friends from the second grade, to looking honestly at yourself and admitting you hate yourself, loath yourself, and, quickly now you’ll go there, then put it out of your mind right away. Truth is, if there wasn’t self-loathing in the world there would be no war. It’s the best kept secret, no one ever admits to unless they’re in therapy. You didn’t suddenly just wake up one day and had the oh so sudden thought about hating yourself. No, it was a gift some or one unwitting adult gave you, mostly not out of meanness but out of ignorance. Bad parenting is handed down from generation to generation, so no one knows that the way they’re doing it is going to cause one more generation of self-loathing adults. If you, when you were a kid, were ridiculed at home or at school, punished harshly and unfairly, couldn’t understand the homework and no one would help   Cont. Part 2 tomorrow

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