Depression, Low self-esteem, anxiety

       This little or big monster comes in many forms for many reasons. Some, you’re born with even if it doesn’t show up until later in life. They are in your genes and show up at the least expected and most inconvenient times, and others are what we call "learned behaviors" meaning you learned it from someone you were around long enough to have adapted your own psyche to a perceived threat that other person manifested over time, and you internalized the fear without even realizing you did it.              People who don't experience severe, by that I mean, on a scale of one to ten, a five up on a daily or almost daily basis, couldn't possibly imagine what it feels like because you look just fine on the outside. Nonetheless, it can be devastating. Here is a helpful article for one type of anxiety. It’s called, “Imposter Syndrome.” Read all about it by clicking on the link here and you’ll be taken to that page: .

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