Your Body and Your Mind Are Connected

We live in a  country where obesity is an epidemic. Every media outlet there is has been telling us for years that we are obese, eat the wrong food, overeat, drink too much alcohol. Once again, I offer my disclaimer; these are generalities. There are healthy people too. This blog isn't for you unless you want to learn how to up your game and get in even better shape. I'm referring to people who know they're overweight and in poor physical shape. Many of you have serious health issues. Your brain needs nutrition, exercise,  and fresh air for you to be able to navigate the psychological aspects of your life. If you don't feel well, don't have energy, feel sluggish, and exercise is a dirty word to you,  the rest of your life probably isn't going so well. Take a look at this website that offers many different options and ideas for getting and staying healthy.

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