Some people, mostly women, of a certain age have determined that they prefer living alone and that being in a relationship is not something they yearn for. As my grandmother put it several years after my grandfather died, “I already cooked and cleaned for one man. I don’t want to cook and clean for another one.” And that’s just fine because those people are making a choice and the choice that pleases them.

Still, there are many seniors who would like to have a partner and do want to fall in love again. In fact, there are plenty of seniors who will fall in love, and hold hands, kiss, make love, and fall asleep next to someone who makes their heart happy.

Unfortunately, there are certain mythologies about seniors that circulate as fact when they’re actually fiction. Many seniors don’t have any expectation that there is a special person for them. So they don’t look, they don’t hope, they don’t aspire to anything but they do feel lonely and depressed.

If a senior believes that the only thing to look forward to is going to church to pray to whatever god they believe in that they go quick and without pain and that the only “fun” available is a bus trip to Reno, which isn’t fun at all, they’re not going to enjoy life as much as possible. They are going to enjoy what they feel they’re being allowed and not what they believe is possible.

The number of baby boomers alive today is staggering. This is the time when an elderly and aging population actually can define what life looks like for them. They have numbers, money, and power. They don’t have to and shouldn’t settle for a life where the belief is that life is over and the waiting for death has begun.

Here are some interesting statistics about baby boomers, babies born between 1946 and 1964 in the United States. After taking a look at these statistics I hope seniors will begin to define a new way of aging, a new way of living where every day is an adventure and everything is possible.