You’re not alone. I’ve never talked to anyone who likes it. A
lot of single people go to dating sites, put up a profile, send emails and
answer emails, meet for coffee or dinner or lunch until they, sooner or later,
meet the person they were looking for and that can happen right away or it can
take a long time, which is when the medium becomes really tedious, although the process isn’t pleasant from the beginning for most. They do it because they want to find someone to share life or parts of their lives with and they don’t know of a better way.

The general consensus is that meeting in bars is a bad idea
since alcohol is a de-inhibitor and creates an artificial atmosphere. Most
people today want to meet some who is well adjusted, well rounded, a real
person not dripping with bad habits and an unhappy life.

Churches are for some but the pickin’s are slim. Social
groups are hard to find unless you go to Meetup.com, which is a great portal
through which a person can find all kinds of activities for singles without any
obligation to pair up or even to subject oneself to personal examination
because the object of the “meeting” is to participate in an activity all of the
people there have signed up to do.

That takes the pressure off, allows one to do something fun
with other people, to go home without having to commit to doing it or anything
else again, although finding an enjoyable activity can be fun and maybe even
match up two people who’ve enjoyed participating in something they like to do. www.meetup.com, take a look.



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