Need Sleep Now?

A common sign of depression is sleep disturbance, not being able to fall asleep as well as waking up one or several times during the night or waking up before you are ready to wake up. It’s also a common sign of a new baby in the house, worrying about something, feeling stressed and anxious, and various other things similar to what I’ve listed. This exercise is excellent although it will take some practice and patience. You can’t do it once or twice and give up because you don’t think it’s going to work. This article explains why it will work for just about everything except someone snoring very loudly right next to you or living within feet of  train tracks and it’s a much better solution than drugs that can be addicting like Ambien. Now, if your doctor prescribes Ambien for you please take it. You should do what your medical doctor tells you to do. However, you might also give this exercise a try and see how it goes. Good sleep is essential for good mental health. If you aren’t getting enough sleep your symptoms will likely increase, not decrease, something you should avoid if at all possible. Read this article. It could be a real health saver, mental and physical.