We’ve all been in situations where someone around us is drunk or high on drugs, prescription or illegal, and we have to listen to them or drive them somewhere or they’re in our house and we can’t get away and they are just stupid and obnoxious. Don’t you just love it when someone whose brain is clearly not firing on all pistons is telling¬† you in a too loud voice about something they have just become the world’s expert on or, even better, when you happen to be the recipient of why their lives are so horrible, their luck so bad, their sadness so unbearable that they have to slur their words and drink more just so you’ll understand and maybe even start crying, the blubbering kind of crying while they tell you because they know you really want to know? Oh, and then there are the ones who think they’re so sexy they just can’t believe their good fortune at being the sexiest woman or man at the party or in the bar or restaurant or anywhere they think it’s perfectly appropriate to get up close and personal, bad breath and all, to let you know just what they want to do to you and how much you’re going to love it. Really? You’re hoping they’ll pass out before they throw up so you can get away and they most definitely don’t fit any definition of sexy you’ve ever thought about.

Here’s an article that lists seven real reasons why sober is sexy and it’s the truth!