What You Believe About Dieting

ironically is probably helping you stay fat or get fatter. When clients come into my office for the first time their presenting problem is rarely their weight yet many are obese or close to it. After working with them for several sessions most will bring up their weight. When I tell them what is best described by this helpful and interesting blog. Unfortunately, most don't believe me. Even if they try it for a week they go back to comfort eating and to the dieting myths that keep them fat or getting fatter. And they do this because they believe they deserve to be punished for being fat so losing the fat should hurt. No, actually it shouldn't. If it does you won't lose the weight you want to lose. Everyone comfort eats and you do too. Learn these myths and find a better way. Here's the link to the blog. It's a very quick read, with pictures, so it won't bore you but could make all the difference in the world to you and a happier, healthier life: http://blog.reliasacademy.com/dieting-myths-to-avoid/

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