A White Lie or a Black Lie?

Everyone tells white lies to protect the feelings of someone they care about, such as "Do you like my new dress?" And when they think it doesn't matter and they again don't want to hurt the other person's feelings. Darker lies are more like you were here when in fact you were there. You only had one drink when in fact you had six. Those are the kinds of lies that will eventually erode a relationship because enough of them will come out that trust between two people is compromised. This is most often true in significant relationships. Here are some tips about how to get others to tell the truth. There is one caveat here. It's perfectly fine to ask someone what they did that day if it's said in the spirit of companionship and sharing and not in the spirit of snooping on your partner. https://www.truthaboutdeception.com/lying-and-deception/get-others-to-be-honest/limit-questions.html

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