Transgender Research

New research provides interesting information about being a transgender person. Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner received a lot of media attention, which she welcomed, I believe because she understands how much society condemns transgender people just as gay people were and to some extent still are discriminated against and she can be a voice for the reality, validity of anyone who suffers in a body that doesn't match their perception of themselves and chooses to undergo the transition, which is very difficult and complex and nothing anyone would do just because they want to play dress up or get attention. No one wants to be thought of as a weird, sick, or perverted person. People suffer and should be supported in whatever they choose to do to help themselves and they can be good role models because a role model isn't someone who "acts like a man" or "looks like a man" or vice versa. A role model is someone who lives in such a way that they demonstrate honesty, reliability, responsibility, integrity, and other good qualities that we hope to pass on to generations succeeding us. It's not about sex.        

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